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Mint (Mentha)

  • Mint Leaves Powder

    We are engaged in presenting an excellent grade of Mint Powder. This powder is processed using dried spearmint leaves. The offered powder is beneficial in culinary purposes. Mint adds flavor in edible items such as tea, jellies, and candies. Also, the offered powder has high medicinal value used in several Ayurvedic and other medicinal salts. Our Ayurvedic pharmacists make to apply and use only traditional and pure methods for processing the offered powder. No preservative or chemicals are used during the process.

  • Mint Dried Leaves

    Mint Leaves are quite popular for their varied unique properties. They can be preserved and stored for a longer period of time while retaining their original aroma or fragrance. Mint Leaves are widely used for making different medicines and medicinal products like balms, mint based toothpastes, mint oil etc.

  • Mint Extract

    Mint Extract is an herbal powder extract that has preserved flavor, nutrition and medicinal function with good clarity and solubility. It can be widely used in various classes of liquid beverage, solid drinks, health care products, functional food and beverage, convenience food, baked goods, candies, lozenges, and snack food.

  • Mint Oil

    We are renowned for manufacturing, exporting and supplying the best quality Mint Oil. It is extensively used in perfumeries, food, flavoring and pharmaceutical industries. Mint Oil is also used in pain balms, cold balms, etc. It is extracted from the leaves of mentha arvensis plant by steam distillation. Mint Oil has various medicinal properties, which help in treating stomach disorders like gas, indigestion, and acidity.